Practice Management

Every business requires active management and the need to re-evaluate the procedures. We offer the following services that are geared towards improving business practice and processes.

All these challenges and more may continue to bog you and your team down, costing valuable resources and the time which are already limited.

“I have been using Approach for many years now and my only regret is that I never used Michelle when we first met her. It took me over 4 years to sign up. No task is too big or small and no query too much. Approach has been a real value add and I look forward to a long lasting business relationship.”



  • Staff Training

    We offer specialised training in equipping and skilling your administrators in office management. We run a full day course at our offices and it is mainly geared at new admin assistants coming into the financial services industry. We focus on the necessities of efficient administration these are areas such as product training, task management, turnaround times, process management, compliance just to name a few.

  • Office organisation

    We come to your office and assist with clean up, filing and organising of your office. A neat and well-structured work environment greatly improves production and professionalism. We provide this service on a monthly or quarterly basis. We also make it our goal to put in place practical processes to build better habits.

  • Goal Setting and Business Planning

    We run private workshops for advisors who need a sounding board or some assistance in strategising for the next season be it a year or next quarter. Failing to plan as we all know is planning to fail. These sessions have also been utilised for imminent business changes and restructuring.

  • Evaluation of Processes and Procedures

    We come into your office and have a look at your administrative procedures and processes and assist your staff with working smarter and more effectively.